Spikes, Wires, Nets and Slides: Are They Lengthy-term Options for Pigeon Inhabitants?

A pigeon infestation is a irritating problem for dwelling and constructing homeowners. Pigeons settle in, construct nests, and proceed reproducing if left unchecked. Since most individuals need to take care of the issue humanely, pest specialists have spent years growing mechanisms and merchandise that stop pigeons from nesting in areas the place they’re positioned.

Constructing homeowners additionally take precautions, comparable to guaranteeing that they minimize off any pigeon meals sources and destroy pigeon nests. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently a multi-disciplinary strategy is finest suited to eradicating a pigeon drawback.

Spikes, wires, nets, and slides

There are quite a lot of ways to do away with pigeons that may be efficient. Stainless-steel springs or spikes are put in within the affected space. Then wires are strung tautly between the spikes. Alternatively, patrons can go for a spike strip that matches onto a wall, with the pointed spikes so shut collectively that pigeons can’t match between them. The spikes with wire spanned between them additionally work nicely as a result of pigeons won’t nest in a location they can’t entry with ease.

Pigeon-resistant netting is often constructed from UV-stabilized polyethylene that’s immune to persistent pigeons and the weather. It’s positioned throughout areas the place pigeons have been identified to nest in order that their entry to these areas turns into unimaginable.

Pigeon slides are sheets of plastic put in on flat surfaces at a 45-degree angle. Pigeons discover it unimaginable to construct nests at this angle and can search for some place else to create a house.

An extended-term answer?

Whereas measures like spikes, wires, nets, and slides will pressure pigeons to maneuver, they don’t resolve the pigeon overpopulation drawback. You can find it unimaginable to utterly foil pigeons’ makes an attempt to seek out someplace in your property to nest. As quickly as they discover someplace new, you’ll have to put measures in place to maneuver them on once more.

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Even when you get pigeons to cease nesting in your property, they’re nonetheless within the neighborhood and can go to your backyard in search of meals. Pigeons use their measurement and numbers to dominate and chase different birds away from feeders and different meals sources. Subsequently, whereas the measures talked about earlier than may exclude pigeons from nesting at your house, they don’t resolve pigeon overcrowding.

Abatement methods

Pigeon abatement methods contain discovering methods to forestall pigeons from breeding. Pigeon populations are at present rising whereas different frequent birds, comparable to doves and sparrows, face declining numbers. There are inadequate meals sources to feed all these birds. With pigeons being so dominant, they hog accessible meals provides, leaving different birds with nowhere to feed. Subsequently, specialists advise coping with pigeon issues from a reproductive standpoint.

A chief instance of a pigeon abatement technique is pigeon contraception. This substance, fed to the birds by grain and different fowl meals, permits feminine pigeons to breed, however their eggs don’t hatch. This may scale back a pigeon inhabitants in a chosen space by 50% inside a yr. Aside from rendering the pigeons’ eggs from not hatching, the contraception substance has no hostile results on the birds. As pigeons are inclined to squabble over meals and chase different species away, the chance of these birds accessing the pigeon contraception is low.

Though laborious and time-consuming, changing pigeon eggs with dummy eggs is one other abatement technique. Nonetheless, it means crawling round and digging in pigeons’ nests, which will be harmful on condition that these birds carry ticks, fleas, and different parasites. Your efforts will hardly be welcomed by indignant pigeon dad and mom who won’t take kindly to your interference.

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Remaining choices

Continuous nest destruction is one other tactic to forestall pigeons from breeding. Nonetheless, it presents hazards to those that do that for the explanations talked about earlier than. Even the mud from a pigeon’s nest might include dangerous substances that trigger sickness.

Nest destruction and removing is barely a short lived answer as pigeons will discover someplace safer to nest and proceed breeding. Like spikes, wires, nets, and slides, these methods solely get pigeons to maneuver, and whereas it could delay their breeding, it undoubtedly won’t remove it.

Trapping pigeons and relocating them solely strikes the issue from one place to a different. In any case, pigeons have sturdy homing instincts and can quickly discover their manner again to your property.

Extra excessive options

Whereas it’s a delicate topic that some animal activists don’t regard as an possibility, culling is one other technique of getting pigeon populations beneath management. Nonetheless, this implies poisoning or taking pictures them.

As uncomfortable as the subject could also be, culling is an efficient inhabitants management measure. It’s used amongst different animal species, particularly these encroaching on human settlements and posing a hazard to folks. It might appear merciless however is perhaps a significant turning level in restoring steadiness to the ecosystem, the place pigeons shouldn’t dominate different fowl species to the extent that they do.